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Rishika Kannan

I am studying psychology and biology at the University of St Andrews. Apart from my education I love to read and write! I doodle, paint and journal in my free time. I love learning new things about psychology and mental health and hope to inspire other's curiosity as well.

The Evolution of Mankind and Fire

    by Rishika Kannan   One aspect that separates humans from any other species on the planet is our ability to control fire. The use of fire has become so important in our everyday lives and led to unique behaviours such as cooking our food, using it in religious/cultural rituals, and using it as a light source. Upon further analysis it… Read More »The Evolution of Mankind and Fire

    Coping with the Pandemic

      Our strong will to survive the worst, to experience the best Written by Rishika Kannan Students, teachers, mothers and fathers all have one struggle in common and one united goal: to get through this time stronger and smarter. As someone once said, “To be the best you must be able to handle the worst”.  700 years ago, the first-ever recorded,… Read More »Coping with the Pandemic